Handmade Quake

Отправлено 23 дек. 2015 г., 16:11 пользователем Dima Litvinov
С января 2016 чувак собирается постить туториалы, описывающие разработку аналога классического Quake'а 1996 года (приурочено к 20-летию игры).
Подписываемся на его рассылку, кому интересно!


"Quake is a landmark in video game history. It practically defined the first person shooter genre on its own. It made a fully 3D real-time world possible on a 486 processor almost 20 years ago. It was cool, it was exciting, it was scary (depending on who you talk to). id Software then went on to license the engine to other companies – one of which, Valve, used it to make Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and then the Source engine. So it’s quite likely you’re playing games today that are direct descendents of Quake. There may even be some original lines of code still in there!

As a AAA title, Quake needed to solve a ton of problems. Software rendering, raw audio, memory management, networking, file I/O, input, map loading, and then running the entire simulation while you’re playing – these are all difficult challenges that are rarely addressed in detail. I want to provide you with a framework for looking at it through this classic gaming lens."